[talk] Next NYC*BUG: tomorrow!

Amitai Schleier schmonz-lists-netbsd-public-nycbug-talk at schmonz.com
Wed Mar 6 10:42:50 EST 2019

Looking forward to tonight.

Mainly it's a talk. But if you're curious to try qmail the easy way, 
bring your laptop running something Unixy. Even Linux would be fine.

Best if you've bootstrapped pkgsrc on your system before arriving:

     $ git clone https://github.com/NetBSD/pkgsrc.git

     $ cd pkgsrc/bootstrap

     $ sudo ./bootstrap --prefix=/opt/pkg

(Then add /opt/pkg/sbin and /opt/pkg/bin to your PATH.)

The qmail packages uninstall cleanly, and if you don't believe me you 
can always rm -rf /opt/pkg.

- Amitai

On 5 Mar 2019, at 12:18, Pat McEvoy wrote:

> Next NYC*BUG: tomorrow:
> Maintaining qmail in 2019, Amitai Schleier
> 2019-03-06 @ 18:45 - Suspenders, 108 Greenwich Street;
> on the second floor
> More info:
> https://www.nycbug.org/index?action=view&id=10665

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