[talk] NAS hardware

Ipsen S Ripsbusker ipsens at ripsbusker.no.eu.org
Mon Mar 18 18:33:14 EDT 2019

It seems that I asked in the right place!

1U is bigger than I was hoping for, but, well, maybe if I switched everything for rackmount it would be pretty okay.

I already using Tarsnap for something smaller stuff, in fact. I put $25 on an account last decade and I think I still have $10 left. But this is to download an offsite backup so that I have another copy locally and can recover quickly in case of a failure. Moreover, even if it grows slowly, total backup size is currently about 1.5TB, and that is expensive on Tarsnap.

I tried it once with Pi and USB storage device, but the connectors were all unreliable. And that included the SATA connector in the hard drive, so I wound up removing the hard drive from the enclosure and using it in another computer! This does seem like it should be the best option, though. I would use Rock64 rather than Pi. Do you recommend any particular USB storage device?

And my understanding was that driver support is rather disappointing for Intel NUC, but has that perhaps changed?

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