[talk] AsiaBSDCon 2019 registration open

Jun Ebihara jun at soum.co.jp
Wed Mar 20 21:00:47 EDT 2019

From: George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com>
Subject: [talk] AsiaBSDCon 2019 registration open
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2019 13:51:00 +0000

> .. plus some relevant NetBSD information.  Thanks Jun!

thanx George,I'll make NetBSD BOF today.
and make NetBSD booth on Sat-Sun.
 AsiaBSDCon2019 NetBSD travellers guide

After AsiaBSDCon2018,Japan NetBSD Users' Group makes 
16 demonstrations booth all over Japan.

Two time slots paper session starts Mar.23,

on Mar.24
14:30 		  Keynote K01: Security Fantasies and Realities for the BSDs
George V. Neville-Neil (gnn at neville-neil.com)

many thanx for supporting AsiaBSDCon! 

> AsiaBSDCon2019 Online Registration
> https://2019.asiabsdcon.org/registration/?lang=en
> In
> https://2019.asiabsdcon.org/
> March 21-24, 2019, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan
> NetBSD meeting time slot at
> Mar.21 11:00-18:00 (UTC+9) NetBSD meeting
> https://wiki.netbsd.org/summits/AsiaBSDCon_2019_NetBSD_BoF/
> and NetBSD booth during March 23-24.
> http://mail-index.netbsd.org/netbsd-advocacy/2018/03/11/msg000771.html
> http://mail-index.netbsd.org/netbsd-advocacy/2017/03/19/msg000734.html
> http://mail-index.netbsd.org/netbsd-advocacy/2016/04/13/msg000704.html

Jun Ebihara

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