[talk] ssh host keys

N.J. Thomas njt at ayvali.org
Fri Mar 22 22:26:48 EDT 2019

* Jesse Callaway <bonsaime at gmail.com> [2019-03-22 15:30:37-0700]:
> I have a hard time getting this right while also doing batch
> operations over ssh to a bunch of hosts. Aside from host keys in LDAP
> or secure DNS how do others ssh to hosts that rotate through IP
> addresses frequently?

If your config management tool supports it, then it is recommended that
you use its ability to run ad-hoc commands on whatever subset of hosts
that you want:

An example of this is Ansible and its -a feature or shell module:

    ansible -m shell webhosts -a "sudo service apache24 restart"

If your config management tool does not support it (some cfg mgmt tools
have a philosophy of not supporting ad-hoc commands, a sentiment I
disagree with, but whatever), or you are not running a config management
tool, a good alternative is parallel-ssh:


pssh and its family suite of tools (pscp, prsync, pnuke, and pslurp)
require some minor setup, eg.: if you are using pssh over some large
number of hosts, you may want to use ssh-keyscan or something similar to
grab hostkeys, and then possibly setup sudoers to run without tty, etc.,
but once you get the hang of it, it works nicely enough.


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