[talk] AWS vs Azure

Raul Cuza raulcuza at gmail.com
Mon May 13 09:18:22 EDT 2019

On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 12:44 PM Pete Wright <pete at nomadlogic.org> wrote:
> On 5/11/19 4:42 AM, Sujit K M wrote:
> > On a recent discussion I was rightly pointed to a lot of FreeBSD work
> > that went into FreeBSD for AWS. I might not be that correct saying AWS
> > is there for FreeBSD 11.
> There are AMI's available from Colin Percival going back to 8.x iirc - I
> believe the release-engineering team (and thus official AMI images)
> started being available with 11.x or 12.x.

Are any of the release-engineering team in or going to be in the NYC
area? This would make a great talk at our meetings.


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