[talk] New email for talk and same email of questions

Mark Saad nonesuch at longcount.org
Wed May 22 09:11:43 EDT 2019

Hi everybody 
  I am starting to retire my yahoo email . It’s become more trouble then it’s worth.

I sent this last night and it’s still just a repost .

 In openbsd current , I am fighting to figure out how to make my iwm wireless card properly associate with my iPhones personal hotspot . I am able to get the wpa2 authentication working however when I start dhclient it immediately downs the nic and sleeps .  Now to be clear with 6.5 release the iwm had issues and would not work consistently; current works better and I can associate to cisco ap’s and run dhclient with out issues .  This is current pulled down today ; for amd64 generic #36.  Anyone have any ideas ? 

Mark Saad | nonesuch at longcount.org

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