[talk] ZFS v UFS on APU2 msata SSD with FreeBSD

Brian Reynolds nycbug-talk at reynolds.users.panix.com
Wed May 22 21:52:12 EDT 2019

I wrote:
> In addition to bigger machines, I routinely ran Solaris 10 and ZFS on
> Sun Blade 100s with at most 4GB RAM and a couple of first generation
> IDE hard drives.  I also ran ZFS with FreeBSD 9 & 10 on Dell desktops
> with more memory, but room for only one drive.

Oops.  A bit of a mistake there.  The Sun Blade 100 has a maximum of
2GB of RAM, and was fine running ZFS.  The Dell desktops had 4GB, and
were also OK running ZFS.

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