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> Always been a critique of AWS. Found something that might fuel that more.
> Not sure whether there will be more acceptance.
> Below an article on something I was researching.
> http://www.devgrok.com/2018/12/using-s3-hive-metastore-with-emr.html
> Below an article on In memory Database on AWS
> https://aws.amazon.com/nosql/in-memory/
> As per some of the discussions we have had on EC2 on FreeBSD. I find
> supporting something like HSQL(Java In Memory Database) on AWS very
> difficult which is certified by other cloud vendors, they seem to think how
> can you not have it.
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You are looking at vastly different technologies.

Hive is batch processing system with an SQL frontend. At best it works at
analytic speed. Queries over GB of data in the seconds to minute range.

This is different then single node "in memory" databases. (HSQL)

Which are different then multi-node distributed in memory databases (VoltDB)

Aerospike and redis are KV like stores without relational capabilities.
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