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steve.b at osfda.org steve.b at osfda.org
Tue Sep 17 19:22:44 EDT 2019

I did some code today for address generation in bitcoin; due to its 
results being at odds with a popular library online, I wanted someone to 
check my handiwork. If you happen to find digital currency tech as 
interesting as I do, please contact me directly off this list.


It's a pretty brief collection of statements for public key generation 
(but using an UNCOMPRESSED public key -normally compressed public keys 
are used in bitcoin to generate addresses, and that might explain the 
discrepancy...) It follows a methodology laid out in an introductory 
article on generating addresses. The code is brief, but the theory can 
be a challenge.

No, this is not directly BSD related; but seeing as how this user group 
is the deeper end of the technical pool, perhaps someone else would find 
it interesting too (we can IMMEDIATELY reconnoiter off this list...)

Sorry for the Email if you're not into it, but that's all I'll say on 
this channel. [If the date was close to the next meeting, I would just 
ask there; but time is tight for me, and we're still a couple of weeks 
away from that...]

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