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steve.b at osfda.org steve.b at osfda.org
Wed Sep 18 09:45:11 EDT 2019

Well, I got one taker to check my approach.

Last night I walked through two code examples from differing authors on 
generating addresses and finally got them to agree (the variance was due 
to a hex string conversion at one step...)

This has to do with an older way of generating addresses that is no 
longer done: using /*uncompressed*/ keys.

Back in the days when ""Satoshi"" was active online, he was using them...

On 9/18/2019 9:39 AM, Sujit K M wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 18, 2019, 4:53 AM steve.b at osfda.org 
> <mailto:steve.b at osfda.org> <steve.b at osfda.org 
> <mailto:steve.b at osfda.org>> wrote:
>     I did some code today for address generation in bitcoin; due to
>     its results being at odds with a popular library online, I wanted
>     someone to check my handiwork. If you happen to find digital
>     currency tech as interesting as I do, please contact me directly
>     off this list.
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     It's a pretty brief collection of statements for public key
>     generation (but using an UNCOMPRESSED public key -normally
>     compressed public keys are used in bitcoin to generate addresses,
>     and that might explain the discrepancy...) It follows a
>     methodology laid out in an introductory article on generating
>     addresses. The code is brief, but the theory can be a challenge.
>     No, this is not directly BSD related; but seeing as how this user
>     group is the deeper end of the technical pool, perhaps someone
>     else would find it interesting too (we can IMMEDIATELY reconnoiter
>     off this list...)
>     Sorry for the Email if you're not into it, but that's all I'll say
>     on this channel. [If the date was close to the next meeting, I
>     would just ask there; but time is tight for me, and we're still a
>     couple of weeks away from that...]
> I might be of no help. But currently working at work how to hide 
> encrypted data. Use only one public encrypted API key. Not only that 
> it's not web application. But looks like it is a loopy mess with the 
> current technology.
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