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Any thoughts on this?

> On Sep 17, 2019, at 16:41, Pat McEvoy <mcevoy.pat at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> Next month I am happy to announce we will have Ori Bernstein (ori at openbsd) out from the west coast to give the October NYC*Bug talk. But we need your help! Below are some of the options on offer from Ori. Please email either the list or me directly with your vote from the options below and we will have a talk to remember! Also, how does the group feel about a November installfest? Robert expressed and interest and I am sure we have others who would be up for it.
>> Possible talk options from Ori:
>> ===
> Option 1:
>> I can possibly do the talk on QCOW2 internals from BSDCan 
>> Option 2:
> How system
>> calls work, or something else that you're curious about (suggestions here are
>> welcome)
> Option 3:
>> I can add a bit more of a BSD flavor to a talk I did at ACCU on how futexes work,
>> and how you can implement concurrency primitives on them -- I'd be zooming in on
>> the implementation details in the OpenBSD kernel if I did this.
>> Option 4:
>> And finally, If you want to go farther afield on obscure OSes, I have a rant
>> on Plan 9 that I did at BAYLISA. This is probably lighter/more entertaining,
>> and definitely the most easily accessible to non-developers, but it's also not
>> really BSD.
>> ====
>> Any opinions, express them soon or forever hold your complaints. 
>> Looks like we will hav an out of towner for the Oct meeting!
> Be well,
> P
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