[talk] Encrypted Chat Applications (aka not Signal)

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sat Apr 4 00:03:46 EDT 2020

On 4/3/20 11:49 PM, Ibsen S Ripsbusker wrote:
> Is Jami (https://jami.net/) safe? I like that it can work with SIP accounts.

I dont know Jami, but looks interesting.

If you're looking at purely chat function, not sure where to go anymore.

There's few meant to be run over Tor, like Ricocet and Torchat

I know people who use Ricochat with a little trust (only a little) but
the last release is three years old.

Torchat is hasn't been touched in a lot longer.

The 'old' way was xmpp accounts with Pidgin or whatever.

I really would like to hear more input for others... to me it seems
comparable to trying to have someone do video for an open source conference.

It might get done, but they disappear with the media afterwards. Until
you get a Patrick.

I still haven't found Patrick in chat applications.



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