[talk] TLS book by MWL

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Apr 16 11:50:25 EDT 2020

Michael W Lucas, for those who don't know, has written a (dumpster?)
load of accessible and relevant technical books, many of which are
drenched in BSD.

He's planning on writing a book entitled "TLS Mastery":


He's not working with a publisher. He's publishing it himself, based on
the community's interest and involvement.

>From our beginnings, we've done some great stuff for the community on
the financial angle.  From donating all our profits from NYCBSDCons to
the BSD projects, to smaller fundraisers like "pass the hat" collections
at meetings and arranging hardware donations, not to mention colocation.
We've even helped replace a well-known community member's stolen laptop
during our first months...

These are not easy times for an independent writer. It's not a cushy job
where the paychecks keep coming while lounging in the Hamptons. But it
is an essential part of our community. BSD land would be poorer on many
levels without MWL's contributions.

So if you've got the cash, be a sponsor.  If you're not interested in
the topic, then have the book sent to someone else.


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