[talk] 2020 year end

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Dec 30 10:54:06 EST 2020

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We have every intention to get back into the groove for 2021 and we hope 
that NYC*BUG can continue to be a place to collaborate, socialize and 

I'm sure I speak for many people on this list when I say that 2020 has 
been a trying year on multiple levels. We are starting 2021 off with a 
presentation from a character popular throughout the BSD community with 
the January 6th meeting, Michael W Lucas 
(https://www.nycbug.org/index?action=view&id=10679). MWL is sure to 
educate and entertain, so definitely get the word out.

The year end is a great time to throw a few dollars, if you have them, 
to one or more of the BSD projects of your choice. Note that it's not 
just the size of the donation that matters, but also the number of 
donors as per standard non-profit rules, so every contribution matters.


FreeBSD Foundation


OpenBSD Foundation

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