[talk] Talk idea for NYC*Bug April (1st)

Ibsen S Ripsbusker ibsens at ripsbusker.no.eu.org
Sat Jan 25 23:29:10 EST 2020

I am happy to talk about the following.

* Some ways I am using bhyve to deal with software that I don't care
  to port from GNU/Linux (mainly drivers)
* Receipt printers
* My Python library for making user interfaces is not particularly BSD,
  but the main user interface I make is command-line interfaces, and
  that might interest attendees.
* tcl
* I have changed subdo a lot but not released it because several things
  are hard-coded to my setup. Regardless, I could show it.

My main projects at the moment are for inventory management, checklist
composition, and dictionary lookup, and verb conjugation lookup.
None of these are particularly BSD, either. They use all of the methods
discussed above.

But the present plan for February's meeting works out very conveniently
for me. I have finally plugged in my tape drive, but I have not managed
to find it in the dmesg. Perhaps someone at the meeting can help me
find it.

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