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George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote:

> A novel idea... if you forget that behind the SASE network is a bunch
> of servers.  Deskilling has been going on without question, that's
> undeniable....
> https://www.cringely.com/2020/03/25/2020-brings-the-death-of-it/

Everybody on this list surely knows "IT" is much more than a kid running
around replacing keyboards. Sure Amazon can deliver a keyboard to your
dentist office for Sally to plug in, but who will manage do backups?

Futher, per ISO 27002 who will:

 - create and enforce segregation of duties?
 - create, deliver, and track information security awareness and
 - track assets?
 - manage access rights?
 - ensure cryptographic keys are competently managed?
 - enforce secure disposal or re-use of equipment?
 - manage installation of software on operational systems?
 - create, monitor, and enforce network controls?
 - perform system acceptance testing?
 - monitor supplier relationships?
 - assess, respond, and remediate information security vulnerabilities?
 - create, test, and actually perform business continuity in the event
   of a disaster (or a pandemic)?
 - ensure the protection of your privacy and personal information?

That one kid running around with a keyboard?  I don't think so.

Information Technology spans a wide range of activities and to kidnap a
former popular phrase - "it takes a collection of skilled people".

We have to push back on 'deskilling', because if we don't we will all
eventually be standing around waiting for *someone* to get that double
NAT l2tp X.25 eigrp tunnel to route my cat videos to my AWS multicast

Jim B.

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