[talk] "death of IT"

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Mon Mar 30 14:36:49 EDT 2020

On 3/28/20 7:25 PM, George Rosamond wrote:
> A novel idea... if you forget that behind the SASE network is a bunch of
> servers.  Deskilling has been going on without question, that's
> undeniable....
> https://www.cringely.com/2020/03/25/2020-brings-the-death-of-it/

heh that's a pretty interesting article.  one observation i have about 
IT is that things are changing now in new and potentially unforeseen 
ways, but i think that's always been the case.  AWS et. al. changed the 
game for lots of teams who didn't need to manage physical servers any 
more b/c it wasn't core to their business. same with the growth of SaaS.

what i've observed is that with each of these shifts lower order tasks 
get commoditized and staff shifts to managing higher order problems.  so 
IMHO what i think is happening now is most IT teams are focusing on 
previously pretty isolated security roles in a wider extend.


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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