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>> As luck would have it my laptop died at the beginning of Stay At Home.
>> I'm looking for advice on a laptop to buy that will run FreeBSD
>> RELEASE.  I know about the FreeBSD wiki Laptop page, and NYC BUG's
>> dmesg site, but I'm hoping to hear additional real world experience
>> from folks running FreeBSD as their daily machine.
> You should be extra careful. My laptop old doesn't install freebsd 10+.

Which one do you have? I have several older laptops that work just fine
with -current.


>> This laptop will mostly be used for web browsing, command line email,
>> and administrating my home network.  I expect to boot ZFS (hence
>> FreeBSD), and tinker with virtualbox, jails, and maybe bhyve, but I
>> have a desktop for any heavy lifting.
>> I want an IPS display with a resolution of at least 1920x1080.  I'd
>> prefer a 15-inch display, but might settle for 13-inch.  I need
>> wireless to work.  The whole point is to be able to take the laptop
>> around the house, and not be stuck in my computer room.  I also want
>> suspend/resume to work.
>> I don't care if bluetooth works.  I guess if the trackpad is crappy
>> enough I'd use a wireless mouse, but I don't mind using a Logitech
>> mouse with one of their non-bluetooth USB dongles.  I really want a
>> three button mouse/trackpad, so I could wind up with a wireless mouse
>> even if the trackpad is OK.  Integrated graphics are fine.  It would
>> be nice if it's user upgradable, but I don't mind soldered RAM and
>> storage so long as I know in advance, and can change my configuration
>> when purchasing.
>> My older daughter has a Dell Latitude 5490 from school that I know
>> does not work (at least with FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE).  Dell also has
>> Modern Standby (hibernation) issues with the XPS line.  (At least
>> under Windows 10 closing your Dell XPS 9570 and then putting it into a
>> bag will void your warranty.
>> <https://www.dell.com/community/XPS/FAQ-Modern-Standby/m-p/7514448#M55308
>> >)
>> I've heard good things about Lenovo, especially the Thinkpad X1
>> Carbon.  However it looks like their current wifi is not supported on
>> FreeBSD.  Lenovo recently announced support for Linux on all their
>> machines, but their website only lists four models, and of course
>> Linux support doesn't mean FreeBSD works.
>> I would prefer to buy a new, current model so that I can get warranty
>> service for the hardware if needed.
>> I really don't want to pay more than what a Mac Book Pro costs.
>> If new machines aren't well supported, what specific used machines do
>> people recommend?
>> How about a suggestion as to where to buy other than Amazon, Micro
>> Center, or Newegg?  I've used them before, but maybe I'm overlooking a
>> better place.  I'd love to find a place that I could walk into, and
>> plug in my FreeBSD USB stick to test the hardware, but online is OK.
>> The places I've gone to lock the machines down, and won't let you boot
>> your own OS.
>> Other than ebay and Craig's List, where are good places to find used
>> machines in good condition?
>> So does anyone have any suggestions for a good daily laptop running
>> FreeBSD?
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