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Date:    Tue, 30 Mar 2021 18:27:41 +0000
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Subject: [SDF] Plan9 Boot Camp, TSS/8, Radio and fundraiser items

Here are 6 cool things happening here at SDF! 

Beginning April 4th (next week) the Plan9 Boot Camp Spring 2021 starts and
runs until June 20th.  This is a self paced course with opportunities to
interact with other users if you want to.  To reserve your spot, just 
reply to this message.  Participation is free and self-paced.

Retrocoding challenge:
The PiDP-8/i running TSS/8 has received a handful of challenge submissions
and we're working on new ones.  The little machine continues to run on 
https://twitch.tv/sdfpubnix with more details about how to use it at
https://tss8.sdf.org/  Participation is free and self-paced.

Matrix @ SDF.  SDF has been testing a matrix server (matrix.sdf.org).
Matrix is an alternative to discord.  We are continuing to make 
improvements to this server.

There are currently two fundraiser items on special (free shipping in the
USA) right now.

SDF Mug Cup: 

SDF ESKESEN Floaty "PING" Pen (made in Denmark)

These are great ways to support SDF and get a cool premium at the same
time.  There are a number of ESKESEN pens still available and a short 
video has been made and posted to our federated video site:

Are you interested in having your own radio show on SDF? We're looking for
creative individuals that would be interested in, at the minimum, 30 
minutes a week.  There are plenty of slots open in the schedule.  You can
either live stream directly to the server during your show which allows for
more real time interaction or you can run your show automatically "podcast"
style.  Format is completely up to you and doesn't need to be music related.

Finally, the SDF VoIP conference bridge has been streaming for an hour
every day on https://aNONradio.net from 0200-0300 UTC.  There have been
a number of people dropping by and participating.  Topics vary greatly.
Archives are available at https://archives.anonradio.net

For any questions or help feel free to reply to this message.  
Thank you for your kind support of SDF!

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