[talk] Security router

Mark Saad nonesuch at longcount.org
Sun Apr 25 16:15:08 EDT 2021

Hi everyone 
  So I was reading a thread on lobste.rs about opnsense switching back to FreeBSD . One thing I stumbled on was this comment about a openbsd derived setup in the same vein called security router.

https://lobste.rs/s/phjkbl/opnsense_switches_back_vanilla_freebsd. Scroll down almost to the bottom.

I never heard anything about this before today ; and it’s shutting down ? Does anyone know anything about it ? Should we preserve it on the NYCBUG mirrors ? 

On a side note anyone have any bsd project they would like us to archive ? Email us . 

Mark Saad | nonesuch at longcount.org
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