[talk] Looking for a spare ThinkPad

Robert Menes viewtiful.icchan at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 16:06:32 EDT 2021

Hey everyone!

I'm looking around for a spare ThinkPad that I can use for bare metal
OpenBSD and/or Plan 9/9front. Doesn't have to be anything super fancy but I
prefer either a T400 or X200 series... doesn't have to be latest and
greatest. Hell, even an X201 will do fine.

Only things are:

A) it's in working order
B) gotta be on the cheap
C) I'm not working in the city right now so may have to be either shipped
to me in NJ or I gotta take a day off to go the city to pick it up

Let me know what's available and we'll take it from there. Thanks, everyone!

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