[talk] COVID-19 testing without proprietary software

Ibsen S Ripsbusker ibsens at ripsbusker.no.eu.org
Tue Aug 17 08:41:14 EDT 2021

My great and good friends,

Every local COVID-19 testing option that I have looked at requires me
to run proprietary software if I am to take the test. Inconveniently,
the testing providers don't say this clearly, so it takes a while
to determine whether a particular provider requires me to run
proprietary software.

Not only do they expect me to run proprietary software, they mostly
require a smartphone, and at least one requires a Google account, so
I can't practically write a free software alternative.

Does anyone recommend a provider near Poughkeepsie or in midtown
Manhattan, or does anyone suggest an efficient method to finding
an ethical provider?

With appreciation,
Ibsen S Ripsbusker

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