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steve.b at osfda.org steve.b at osfda.org
Wed Aug 18 01:22:07 EDT 2021

Does anyone know of a ready-to-use script install (or collection of 
ports) that sets up the following for OpenBSD, 1-2-3?

  * postgres 13

  * python3 (>=.6)

  * cython

  * django (>=2.2)

  * nginx (>=1.14)

  * optionally: aiohttp (which supports graphql and is also a performant
    REST API -_if_ you do it right...)

So nothing too <joke>prehistoric</joke>

[YES: I CAN DO IT MYSELF. But I have deadlines, I have to pay for a 
laptop upgrade and rent and; and my client is not into subsidizing such 
an implementation...]

django+postgres [13] are pretty popular; so I can't imagine that I would 
be the only one interested in this...

PS For those who are performance freaks and are not into python: I 
interleave my django with cython standalone binaries...

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