[talk] OpenBSD 7.0 on ThinkPad X220

Robert Menes viewtiful.icchan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 11:28:51 EST 2021

Hello NYC*BUG!

I got myself a new laptop recently: a ThinkPad T470s, which is now going to
be my new main laptop, which means that my X220 will now be an OpenBSD

I've installed a modified BIOS to the X220, which allows me to now switch
out the WLAN card for a better one with 802.11 ac capacity. I'm looking for
one that's friendly with OpenBSD and can be set up with a quick fw_update.

The X220 has a 1TB SSD installed, but OpenBSD's auto partitioning
suggestion doesn't look like it's taking full advantage of the space. I was
considering a partition scheme like this (sd0 is the SSD):

sd0a: mount as / (30GB)
sd0b: swap (8GB)
sd0c: refers to whole disk
sd0d: mount as /usr (40GB)
sd0e: mount as /tmp (6GB)
sd0f: mount as /var (10GB)
sg0g: mount as /home and use remaining space

I know that the default partition scheme splits /usr down further into
/usr/local, /usr/X11, etc., but I don't think using one /usr partition
should hurt things, unless anyone has a good reason as to why it should be

As for the rest of the hardware, has anyone who has used OpenBSD on the
X200 series have any advice or tips for setup? How is sound and video
support? Anything I should keep in mind?

Hopefully we can have in-person meetings again soon so I can bring it
along. It sucks already that we can't meet for a holiday party or nothing.

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