[talk] IRC Change for NYCBUG

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon May 24 22:07:22 EDT 2021

On 5/24/21 9:59 PM, Peter Varga wrote:
> This is unbelievable.  Freenode taken over.
> We must make sure this does not happen to sdf.org

It's sort of not.

There's so much of the internet that has run on this vague and unspoken 
voluntary labor force that kept some consistency.

Then those loose structures disappear as the old timers fade, and then 
some less altruistic force steps in.

IIRC in 1995, '.com' outnumbered '.org' for the first time...

Anyone watch the wackiness of public suffix list?

Or this 'new' UCE mitigation "BIMI"? If DKIM had involvement from humans 
who matter (eg, Eric Allman), BIMI looks like it was designed by IP 
lawyers and graphic designers.

The fact an entity like Freenode could face a take-over for whatever 
motivation shouldn't surprise anyone.

NYC*BUG is still here....

sorry for the rant!


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