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Thu Sep 9 18:08:24 EDT 2021

Kornshell Programming Tutorial
by Barry Rosenberg

Hands-On Kornshell93 Programming
by Barry Rosenberg

The Rosenberg books are very well written. The examples in 
 Kornshell Programming Tutorial work with only minor 
modifications on OpenBSD's ksh

The Awk Programming Language
by Aho, Alfred V., Kernighan, Brian W., Weinberger, Peter J

On Thu, Sep 9, 2021, at 13:16, Ivan "Rambius" Ivanov wrote:
> Hello,
> I really liked the awk and ksh presentation last night! Huge thanks to
> Clifford! How can I get the slides from the presentation? Clifford
> mentioned several KSH resources and other people mentioned some books
> as well. Can someone post them in the mailing list?
> Regards
> rambius
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