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Thu Oct 6 08:13:01 EDT 2022

Just to add to our discussion last night:

I had praised a temperature gauge on your dash (presuming you are 
running a desktop; I myself sometimes use plasma...)

It's sort of like the standard we used to have in cars, where we had an 
oil temperature gauge. That was always a good idea to have, and they got 
rid of it to provide an illusion of simplicity (and also save money...)

Besides having a temp gauge for your SSD to identify it as redlining and 
threatening the disk lifetime, it also is a great way to tell if you 
either have a process run amok and/or a RAT in play (but more 
sophisticated ransomware keep a low profile with regards to CPU 
utilization; just like the shrewder credit card scammers only put 
through zillions of small charges, betting that a consumer will not 
bother to run them down...)

On 10/5/22 10:08 AM, Pat McEvoy wrote:
> NYCBUG social meeting is tonight!
> Wednesday, October 5th 2022
> 6:45 pm
> Torch & Crown Brewing Co.
> 12 Vandam St (just west of 6th Ave)
> Nearest subways: C or E to Spring St; #1 to Houston St
> Bring your stories and your questions.
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