[talk] Seeking OpenBSD advice (eventually)

Fire Silvernight hello at firesilver.net
Tue Jul 4 08:22:26 EDT 2023

Hi All,
Its been a while since I connected with the group.

My name is Fire(crow) Silvernight, I am a software engineer now living in the southcoast of England, but was a dev in nyc for a hot minute.

I'm launching a company (https://ioledge.com[https://ioledge.com/]) and we have decided to move away from Linux for our servers. This move is mostly driven by a desire to leave out all languages and compilers from our servers, and the package managers were too coupled in linux stacks for this to be practical.

We are moving to OpenBSD, but our knowledge of that space is limited, I dont have any specific questions right now but wanted to reach out and say hi in advance of posting a few things to the list as they come up.

It's also nice to reconnect with folks I used to see in new york, who due to their security conscious nature are not that easy to track down online :).


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