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> GEFS, A Good Enough File System, Ori Bernstein
> 2023-05-03 @ 18:45 - Five Mile Stone at 1640 2nd Ave (northeast Corner
> of 2nd Ave and 85th St, 2nd floor). Please note the stairs to the second
> floor are on the north wall as you enter from 2nd Ave.
> GEFS is an experimental file system built for Plan 9. It aims to be a
> crash-safe, corruption-detecting, simple, and fast, snapshotting file
> system, in that order. It's built on top of a relatively new data
> structure known as a Bε tree. Ori will be talking about how it works
> internally, and his ambitions to port it to OpenBSD.
> Speaker Biography
> Ori is 100% human, or triple your money back.
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Great looking talk! I did a quick search of B-epsilon and found this
paper... sitting down with my lunch about to read it.

An Introduction to Bε-trees and Write-Optimization -  Michael A. Bender,
Martin Farach-Colton, William Jannen, Rob Johnson, Bradley C. Kuszmaul,
Donald E. Porter, Jun Yuan, and Yang Zhan
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