[Tor-BSD] NYCBUG1 earns a T-shirt!

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Mon Dec 9 00:09:44 EST 2013

Hi tor-bsd --

As the subject line states, I got an email tonight from the Tor project 
offering me a free T-shirt for my (but really: our) efforts in 
maintaining a Tor node.

The Tor project states that they have observed NYCBUG1 running for 61 
days with an average bandwidth of 1170 KB/s. This is more than double 
the minimum bandwidth of 500 KB/s to be eligible for a shirt.

It is nice to get recognition for running a stable Tor node for any 
length of time, but we can do better!

We need more people running *BSD-based Tor nodes. And not just running 
them but being vocal about it as well. This list, I hope in time, will 
be teeming with discussion about Tor on *BSD. Not only will it help us 
as a collective with solving each others' issues and as a tip/hint 
repository - it will also allow us to come forward to the Tor developers 
as a large group who must be heard. And it benefits the Tor project by 
dissipating the current monoculture. Care about Tor? Then start running 
your own *BSD-based Tor node. And take part in this mailing list!

Btw, NYCBUG1 was updated about two weeks ago to and 
everything is going well.

As always, NYCBUG1 details can be found here:


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