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George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Dec 12 10:52:06 EST 2013

Kyle Isom:
> On 12/12/13 01:15, nanotek wrote:
>> I'm hesitant to upgrade now, though, as the relay is up and running
>> without a problem.
> This is a case where you *really* do want to upgrade. There were several
> major things fixed in the latest version; the latest version that was
> released last night is largely the same as devel version in the repo.

He is actually running the latest Tor in FreeBSD ports... just not

But the Tor tarballs are now at for stable and for

Both ports should be updated soon... but OTOH, I do recommend running
tor-devel out of FreeBSD ports.  It's in alpha/devel that the itches
seem to be scratched first, and for years, I've never had an issue
running that branch.

But quick primer on installing a newer Tor before the FreeBSD ports are

1.  Download the "Source Tarball" from the extended downloads list from
the Tor www site and dump into /usr/ports/distfiles

2.  Edit the appropriate Makefile for the new version on the

3.  from the port directory, run: make makesum

4.  Deinstall and reinstall with new version.  Seems that when you
uninstall it now, the daemon actually stops and needs to be manually
restarted after it's been reinstalled.


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