[Tor-BSD] Tor

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Sat Dec 21 19:27:28 EST 2013

On 12/21/2013 7:15 PM, George Rosamond wrote:
> Linus Nordberg:
>> Carlo Strub <cs at FreeBSD.org> wrote
>> Sat, 21 Dec 2013 14:57:16 +0100:
>> | It is therefore typically best to try yourself to update the port by
>> | changing the respective files, and then send the patch to the
>> | maintainer via a Bug report. If you need help, please consult the
>> FWIW, this particular update -- from to -- is
>> probably a good one to pick for someone who wants do their first ports
>> update. There are no changes to the program, its config files or
>> documentation. The only changes are to the ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes
>> documents and version numbers (configure.ac and two more for Windows
>> builds).
> Yup... and the very first step in doing your own updates is looking at
> the ChangeLog, nanotek :)
> Just go back to the instructions I posted earlier.
> Also, I'm a bit curious why we're talking about from .18 which
> is now marked "stable" for Tor, instead of moving to,
> which should now be tor-devel. . .
> I moved (most) of my relays/bridges to, since I've been sticking
> to tor-devel
> I assume the various BSD port/pkg systems should reflect that...
> port maintainers?  Linus?

OpenBSD moved to two days ago. Updates are done as critical 
issues are discovered (for instance, we moved from to after the botnet issue a few months back), more or less (or 
a new stable). We do not maintain two branches, so it's your 
responsibility to edit the port Makefile to the version you want if it's 
not the one we offer. This is what I do with NYCBUG1.

In practice, this is really quite trivial, but I'm willing to post the 
step-by-step if people here really need that.


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