[Tor-BSD] equivalent of TBB for *BSD?

Linus Nordberg linus at nordberg.se
Sun Sep 22 17:17:23 EDT 2013

George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote
Sun, 22 Sep 2013 07:38:10 -0400:

| > Is there any Tor Browser Bundle equivalent for *BSD? In the ports of
| > FreeBSD and OpenBSD I only see Tor clients, but not TBB (or
| > equivalents).
| Well, tor and tor-devel are both clients and servers.   They can be used
| with the browser (any, but preferably Firefox) or any other
| socks-compatible TCP application.  This issue came up a while back so
| check the archives.

The browser that comes with the Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) is a Firefox
with changes that makes it less insecure to use from a privacy
perspective. See https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser/design
for information on what TBB does.

| It would be a nice goal to have a TBB that *just works* with the BSDs
| and is in ports/pkgs.


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