[Tor-BSD] equivalent of TBB for *BSD?

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Sep 23 18:47:54 EDT 2013

Pete Wright:
> On 09/23/2013 03:25 PM, Heptas Torres wrote:
>>>> Even so, I am wondering whether *BSDs would be a good choice as a Tor
>>>> client, primarily on a desktop environment and for browsing. The
>>>> current infrastructure of *BSDs with unsigned packages makes it risky
>>>> to verify the source (unless one compiles the packages from source -
>>>> out of question for less skilled people). No critique here - I like
>>>> *BSDs, but the lack of a TBB and unsigned packages make them not so
>>>> appealing for privacy-related stuff.
>>> Not sure about the unsigned package issue - I know pkgng on FreeBSD
>>> supports signed packages
>> "As a consequence of the security incident on 11th November 2012, for
>> the time being pre-compiled packages for pkgng are not available from
>> any official FreeBSD repository."
>> [https://wiki.freebsd.org/pkgng#Availability_of_pkgs_for_Download] -
>> unclear when these will be available...
> i would expect them to be available after 9.2 is released.

(i think you still need to sub to the list Heptas... we have to keep you
in recipient field for you to get this)

Yes, there's a bunch of things that are moving slowly with this, but
they are happening.  I know the boxes are incoming for ARM pkgng
building for FreeBSD.  I maintain a small repo of FBSD ARM pkgs on
mirrors.nycbug.org.. mostly relevant to this list :)

While the current binaries are not signed, they are checksum'd.  And if
you use the ports they are also.

Different, yes, but still something.

Brian can elaborate on the issue of signing for OBSD pkgs.  OpenBSD,
unlike FreeBSD, encourages users to stick to packages instead of ports.


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