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Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Dec 12 14:39:14 EST 2014

On 12/12/14 11:17 AM, George Rosamond wrote:
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> Libertas:
>> On 12/12/2014 09:18 AM, George Rosamond wrote:
>>> I also think it might be worth pinging those people running
>>> high-bandwidth Tor relays on BSDs, and see what they did.
>> That's the thing - it seems that there isn't a single
>> high-bandwidth OpenBSD Tor relay:
>> http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/index.php?Platform=OpenBSD
>> It's possible that there's one that hibernates often and I've just
>> never encountered it in the consensus.
> Yup.
> So we have one OpenBSD relay "nycbug1" but it isn't exactly
> 'high-bandwidth'.
> Someone with enough OpenBSD familiarity and adequate bandwidth needs
> to start working on that,  and then document and circulate.
> On a related note, the high-bandwidth FreeBSD relay operators need to
> get their tweaks out there also.  It would be very useful to compare
> notes.

As you mentioned George it's really hard to do comparisons between 
systems.  I suspect what we are seeing here is that there is a pretty 
small sample rate of *BSD systems running tor as a realy/bridge when 
compared to systems running linux.

for example - i have two relays, both freebsd.  one is hosted at ARP 
Networks in LA and peers with pretty much everyone at 1 Wilshire.  It 
gets pretty good throughput.  Another system is hosted at my house using 
a 300mbit TimeWarner cable internet bundle.  that one does not get very 
good throughput.  this is despite both systems being identical as they 
are VM's running on mostly identical hardware hypervisors.

so i suspect one large chunk of the puzzle is how is your network 
carrier viewed on the tor network.  i'm pretty certain TWC is fucking 
with my tor traffic, or giving it super low priority via QoS knobs.  I 
suspect there are many Linux systems running into the same issues, but 
due to the sheer numbers of them there is a higher ratio of high 
throughput nodes.


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