[Tor-BSD] some insight from torstatus.blutmagie

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Dec 12 21:42:51 EST 2014

If you query by platform contains "bsd", some 233 nodes come up,
accounting for a mere 3.52% of Tor nodes.  It was around 6%, but not
sure if it's an absolute or relative issue.  Ie, if the number of BSD
relays decreased or the number of non-BSD relays increased.

If you then sort by bandwidth, you might notice some of the operators
are on this list :)

DFRI.se has a number of the heavier relays.  What's really interesting
is that their doc for "Tor on FreeBSD" doesn't seem to have much on
network tweaking, although it's in Swedish so I could have missed something:


That last section isnt correct... it's in Swedish.

Lots of stuff on the MAC framework and gmirror in gpt land.

Anyone speak Swedish to note if I missed anything?

Maybe a DFRI operator is on this list and could reveal something.  It's
possible that they just have a fat pipe and it's been running a long while.


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