[Tor-BSD] OpenBSD ftp core dumps with torsocks

Michael McConville mmcco at mykolab.com
Tue Dec 1 14:58:26 EST 2015

George Rosamond wrote:
> With a recent snapshot on amd64, ftp(1) is core dumping when used over
> torsocks with:
> ftp(7769): syscall 33 "getpw"
> ftp is fine when *not* used over torsocks.
> Can someone else try it out and let me know if others experience this
> too?

Same here.

Strange thing is, this is when fetching via HTTP. The only getpw*()
calls I see in the code are for determining FTP usernames.

I don't have time to debug more at the moment, but building ftp with the
-g flag and running it in GDB should find the offending line.

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