[Tor-BSD] FreeBSD node underperforming?

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Tue Dec 1 17:51:12 EST 2015

Hey All,
I've got a FreeBSD tor node that has been running for quite some time -
by this point I would have expected it to go through the full life cyle
and get a guard flag.  Here's the info:


Here the system info:

[pwright at tracks ~]$ uname -ar
FreeBSD tracks.trp-srd.com 10.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE #0 r286666:
Wed Aug 12 15:26:37 UTC 2015
root at releng1.nyi.freebsd.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64
[pwright at tracks ~]$

My torrc looks like so:

SocksPort 0
RunAsDaemon 1
DirPortFrontPage /usr/local/etc/tor/tor-exit-notice.html
DataDirectory /usr/local/var/lib/tor
Address X.X.X.X
Nickname nullroute
RelayBandwidthRate 9000 KB  # Throttle traffic to 9000KB/s (72Mbps)
RelayBandwidthBurst 15000 KB # But allow bursts up to 15000KB/s (120Mbps)
ContactInfo Tor POC <tor AT nomadlogic dot org>
DirPort 9030 # what port to advertise for directory connections
ExitPolicy reject *:* # no exits allowed

 I've rebuild OpenSSL to have the following flag as well:

That seems to have had no effect.

Looking up the node in globe/atlas show's that i never seem to advertise
over 2MB/sec, and i have been giving and quickly lost the guard flag as
well.  This system has a lightly utilized 1Gbe link whose next hop is at
1 Wilshire in LA so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. I'm kinda
scratching my head at this point.

I've profiled this box and its basically idle.  Gman pointed out that my
advertised bandwidth on globe/atlas versus blutmagie.de differ -
blutmagie reflects how my system is configured, whereas the
torproject.org services do not.

anything I should take a close look at on my end?  I've run some dtrace
profiling scripts on this box and haven't found anything of
interest...pretty much at a loss here.


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org
twitter => @nomadlogicLA

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