[Tor-BSD] Porting Tor Browser to the BSDs

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Mar 11 22:06:04 EDT 2015

> Hi Attila, 
> Now that there is a working port of tor browser to OpenBSD, and BSD buildbots for tor, it seems like a good time to let tor-dev at lists.torproject.org know.
> Would you like to forward your email below to them?
> (I am happy to if you're not subscribed.)
> Is there a good summary of the BSD buildbot setup somewhere in an email?

These are two distinct projects... There are previous emails from
Christian and various threads about Buildbot.

It's up to Attila, but I tend to think it makes sense for people to grab
the repo and start seeing if it flies first. These are very preliminary
(but real) steps.  What I've sometimes  seen in the broader privacy
scene has been heavy on the announcements, and light on the dev work.


> teor
> teor2345 at gmail dot com
> pgp 0xABFED1AC
> https://gist.github.com/teor2345/d033b8ce0a99adbc89c5
> teor at blah dot im
> OTR C3C57B23 349825DE 929A1DEF C3531C25 A32287ED
>> On 12 Mar 2015, at 09:38, attila <attila at stalphonsos.com> wrote:
> Some progress to report:
> * I have reworked my port to use a GitHub repository I created as a
>  place to pull source distros for tor-browser.  The tor project
>  doesn't seem to make source tarballs easily available for some of
>  this stuff, or at least I haven't found where they have.  In any
>  event, this has simplified moving forward in the short term (because
>  GH is easy to deal with from a port) and it is easily changed:
>    https://github.com/StAlphonsos/torb
>  There is currently one branch for each of tor browser 4.0 and 4.5
>  based on firefox esr 31.4.0.  I'm sticking with 31.4.0 because
>  that's what the OpenBSD www/firefox-esr port supports and I want to
>  ride on top of the patches in that port, which also apply to Tor
>  Browser.  There is also a mozilla-esr31.4.0 branch that I intend on
>  using as a starting point for some additional patches (to firefox,
>  not tor browser).
>  I have tagged one point in this repo so that I could use the tag in
>  the www/tor-browser port.
> * The www/tor-browser port:
>    https://github.com/StAlphonsos/openbsd-ports/tor-browser
>  For convenience you can also grab this if you prefer:
>    http://bits.haqistan.net/~attila/tor-browser-2.tgz
>    SHA1 = b09014385e06c06c45024e057d6fb79c4cc13d0d
>  Unlike my first attempt this one is based on Tor Browser 4.0 (the
>  stable branch) and not 4.5 (development).  This probably explains
>  why it works a little better...
>  Unpack it under /usr/ports/mystuff/www on a box running
>  -current, cd /usr/ports/mystuff/www/tor-browser, sudo
>  make install and maybe you'll get a /usr/local/bin/tor-browser
>  installed.  I wish I could upload packages but my uplink
>  is pathetic and the package is rather large:
>    $ du -sh /usr/ports/packages/amd64/all/tor-browser-4.0.tgz
>    231M    /usr/ports/packages/amd64/all/tor-browser-4.0.tgz
> In order to complete the circle you must change the default socks
> proxy port in your tor-browser preferences; on OpenBSD it is 9050 by
> default but tor-browser expects 9150.  I'll figure out how to patch
> this in the port in the next update.  The tor-browser port r-deps on
> net/tor.  You can also edit your /etc/tor/torrc to use port 9150
> instead, but I think the tor-browser port should come pre-configured
> to work on OpenBSD however it is by default.
> You should also at least install the torbutton extension, which I have
> packed up as an XPI here if you can't find it anywhere else:
>  http://bits.haqistan.net/~attila/torbutton-
>  SHA1 = 3280e8141c150a76287a2ada2a4625ad8bb07859
> If you build the tor-browser port, fire it up, either download
> torbutton- and use a file:/// URL or go to the URL above,
> install torbutton and restart you should get a browser window that
> looks something like you would expect:
>  http://bits.haqistan.net/~attila/tor-browser-cwm-openbsd.png
>  # cwm+tor pr0n for the desperate
> There is still a lot of work needed before this is really ready for
> prime time; there are some extensions missing and we get a lot of red
> from the test results at ip-check.info.  I'm sure there are a lot of
> other things as well.
> Nonetheless it is definitely to the point where interested parties can
> contribute.  Send me pull requests on github or whatever, I'm easy.  I
> just want to be able to use Tor sitting in front of my favorite
> operating system, that's all... for starters.
> Pax, -A
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