[Tor-BSD] PETs applications

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Nov 18 13:17:05 EST 2015

On a very separate note from the existing threads.

Started working out a list of common privacy-enhancing technologies that
are open source and available for porting:


Most arose out of some privacy/anonymity need.  Some are ported to BSDs,
some aren't.

And notably, some *shouldn't* be ported to anything, and should probably
be avoided at all cost :)

Some are well-worth investigating and preliminary porting attempts have
been made.  These are often tools that are gaining usage and should be
available in the BSDs.

Some would need an overhaul to work and also be sane.  Lots of the tools
(much like Tor Browser) are very Linuxy.  I think that SecureDrop might
be a heavy project and is incredibly significant today, but working
through it a year ago, I found it incredibly overcomplex.  I know it's
changed, but I only hope it's improved.  I would think a BSD
"securedrop" might be build and designed very differently.

Anyways, it's more food-for-thought than anything operational.


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