[Tor-BSD] .br update

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Oct 16 23:19:34 EDT 2015

George Rosamond:
> I did a presentation on TDP/BSDs/Tor/PETs at BSDCon Brazil this past
> weekend.

I know a couple of the new relay operators from Brazil are now on this
list, and hopefully they can bring any questions here.

The presentation is here:


Although the slides certainly don't convey all the content.

> I'll give a fuller update on NYC*BUG's talk@ list, but it turned out a
> success on at least one level.

I posted something to talk@ earlier in the week.

> Before there were only 23 low-bandwidth relays in .br... all Linux
> except for two Windows relays.
> Now there are four BSD relays, FreeBSD plus one NetBSD.  They are just
> up, but they should provide decent bandwidth soon enough.

At this point, the new BSD relays in .br represent almost 25% of the
bandwidth provided out of Brazil, if one includes the OSX periodic
relay, at least according to the stats on torstatus.rueckgr.at.  And
it's early in their "lives", so we should see significant increases in
their observed bandwidths soon enough.

Let's hope the new relays stay up consistently, and gain 'stable' flags.

> Needless to say, Brazil is one country, post-Snowden, that should have a
> lot of relays running....

In many ways, BSD cons/events are a great way to quickly 'diversify'
Tor.  In Brazil, many people had access to decent bandwidth, either at
their firms or university, and are in a great position to contribute
bandwidth, and have the expertise to get a secure BSD box on the internet.

I have to say, someone needs to hit events like AsiaBSDCon and other
places outside of the usual US/Euro circuit.  The impact could be
immediate and significant, like the Brazilian case.


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