[Tor-BSD] Performance loss migrating Linux -> FreeBSD

nusenu nusenu at openmailbox.org
Sat Apr 9 05:53:36 EDT 2016

> to add some diversity (and learn some new stuff) I migrated my VIA Nano
> U2250 1.6Ghz (no hw accel. for encryption) powered dedicated exit node
> from Linux to FreeBSD.

Thanks for migrating.

> pf.conf:

Do you see any difference when running without pf?

> sysctl.conf:
> net.inet.ip.random_id=1
> net.inet.ip.portrange.reservedhigh=0
> net.inet.tcp.blackhole=2
> net.inet.udp.blackhole=1

there is also:


but if your logs are not suggesting any problems in that regard defaults
can be fine as well.

> Would migrating from openssl to libressl maybe improve things? Are there
> any other things I might have missed or is there nothing to do about? A
> 18 % loss of network max speed (which correlates to the loss of the
> average speed) seems to be a lot for me.

Do you see this message in your logs when starting tor:

[notice] We were built to run on a 64-bit CPU, with OpenSSL 1.0.1 or
later, but with a version of OpenSSL that apparently lacks accelerated
support for the NIST P-224 and P-256 groups. Building openssl with such
support (using the enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 option when configuring
it) would make ECDH much faster.


Do you use openssl from base or ports?

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