[Tor-BSD] buildbot for BSD Tor relays

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Aug 12 09:21:23 EDT 2016

On 08/11/16 19:34, George Rosamond wrote:
> For those who weren't aware, a list member is hosting a BSD buildbot for
> BSD Tor relays at https://buildbot.pixelminers.net
> At this point, only (my) two public relays are listed, but it would be
> useful for the Tor Project to have more involved.  We only heard it was
> down when someone on #tor-dev noted it was down, which confirms its
> getting some usage.
> The instructions are simple enough at the above URL.

Some more detail:

Right now more OpenBSD relays would be useful, since that's where the
particular problem NickM of Tor is trying to resolve. My relay NYCBUG1
is running a recent snapshot on i386, but is moving to amd64 in the near
future. OpenBSD -release still uses Tor, and it might be useful
to at least see the output of it on the BuildBot.  OpenBSD -current is

It's related to OpenBSD's gcc and libevent.  The OpenBSD base has
libevent, and it installs libevent2 since Tor requires it on more recent

On Tor's trac you can find the related bug at #19904, and also #19758 is


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