[Tor-BSD] BSD buildbot

Vinícius Zavam egypcio at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 25 10:13:40 EST 2016

2016-01-17 18:08 GMT-03:00, George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com>:
> For the few, proud, remaining participants on buildbot.pixelminers.net,
> I wondering about its relevance.
> Does it make sense to continue this?
> Should we be encouraging more people to participate?
> And finally, from some of the last series of builds I'm seeing, is git
> now required on the relay?
> g

One of my machines in .br was running a buildbot slave; but now it
can't reach pixelminers' server (9989/TCP) anymore. Will it be other
ports available to the ones trying to contribute to the buildbot

I do know that there's firewall in front of the slave machine, and
that's the reason I can't reach pixelminers' server 9989/TCP. I do not
have permissions to change filtering rules or so.

Troubleshooting a bit, I ran a FreeBSD jail for buildbot + torify; but
it did not worked either.

Vinícius Zavam

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