[Tor-BSD] TB 7.0.2 on OpenBSD -current and more

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Aug 2 14:08:00 EDT 2017

Greetings all.

The list has been quiet, but there's a lot of TDP activity that we can
start bringing to here.

First, TB 7.0.2 is in the OpenBSD ports/packages for -current. There are
some quirks that need to be dealt with (bookmarks toolbar, eg), but it
seems to have survived the move to clang as the default C compiler. We
are working on getting a backport of TB into -stable and will host/sign
the packages ourselves.

Feedback welcome.

Our new JSON-based stats gives some insight as to what may account for
underutilization of BSD relays and bridges: the lack of obfs4 proxy ports.

Our statistics tool is nice and Unixy.. .it should be portable and is
pretty flexible.


We almost have both the FreeBSD and OpenBSD obfs4 ports ready for
testing, and we really will need feedback.  Since it's in go, on OpenBSD
at least, ${GO_ARCHS} doesn't include armv7.


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