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Vinícius Zavam egypcio at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 7 05:17:37 EDT 2017

2017-08-07 1:49 GMT+02:00 Felix <zwiebel at quantentunnel.de>:
> Hi George
>>> I have two bridges running on FreeBSD with obfs4 'griinchux' and
>>> 'zipfelmuetze'. They work for me but see only some clients per day.

nice to hear from more people using/testing obfs4proxy under FreeBSD!

>> Did you build obfs4proxy from source or did you use the ports from
> Made it on source with obfs4proxy 0-0-8 in April.

the "0.0.8-dev" and "0.0.7" versions of obfs4 available on the official
developer's repository are running the very same code. if you stop to check
it, doesn't even worth to create a -devel port for it (yet). when this day
comes, I would jump on it ;>

if you don't mind, we would appreciate even more if you could run the ports
from our repository (fetching the source from the official obfs4). doing
so, we should stay rock solid to file a PR and work on merging the port and
its dependencies into FreeBSD's official ports tree. please check

>> Teor would be the one to reply to that if I'm understanding things
>> correctly.
> Cool.
> --
> Cheers, Felix

AFAIK, bridges are not public available like relays and exit nodes. one
must get some of their config+information to create a custom setup to enter
the Tor network.

as teor mentioned before, the Tor browser ships with some default configs
to get into the network. don't worry about setting it up, or publishing
them to the world.

there's also one more thing: you can set your bridge setup to be completely
hidden from any other person or public list, so only you and some other
people you share its configs would be able to use. just decide which setup
you would like to run your bridges and let it be. if you need more
information or details the Tor's manpage can provide it.
https://www.torproject.org/docs/bridges.html.en is also interesting stuff.

Vinícius Zavam
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