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> On 5 Dec 2017, at 18:42, hue manatee <huemanatee at riseup.net> wrote:
> So, like any good bsd'er, I consulted 'man tor' and 'man httpd' and, of course, they described pretty clearly how to configure things. Below are the steps I followed. Would be nice to know if this location-hidden service IS indeed configured securely, but I'm not sure how to test.

Access the onion address in Tor Browser.
If it works, the tor portion is secure.

The httpd portion may be insecure, depending on how it is configured.

Does httpd:
* answer requests for its own config
* tell clients information about its own IP address
* look up addresses that clients send it in DNS

Sarah Jamie Lewis has done some excellent work on fingerprinting onion
services - there are probably a few more major vectors I've forgotten.

> There is no ssl cert, not sure of this impact.

Certificates are irrelevant for most use cases: the traffic is end-to-end
encrypted and authenticated to the address by the onion service protocol.

Certificates are only useful to modify browser behaviour, or authenticate
your service as belonging to a CA-certified DNS domain / organisation.

Tim / teor

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