[Tor-BSD] Tor exit notice on Port 9030

Ivan Markin twim at riseup.net
Fri Jan 6 16:56:00 EST 2017

> Trying to solve my own problem I found out that most of the
> exit-notices in BSD world don’t work or at least not as you might
> expect. Nearly all BSD exits who don’t use DirPort 80 show up their
> exit notice when you call the IP in the browser.
> Probably nobody of the abused would scan all ports to find a abuse
> notice for example on port 9030.
> So I would appreciate if somebody could show here the little trick
> for FreeBSD, how somebody browsing could see the exit-notice while I
> am using DirPort 9030?

You can:
  o Run static HTTP server (httpd, nginx, etc...) that will show
whatever you like on port 80.
    * Optionally redirect '/tor/' to tor itself (proxy_pass in nginx)
  o Redirect all TCP traffic on port 80 to your DirPort (e.g. via pf).
It's seems to be a poor idea to me (why not just run DirPort on 80?) but
you can do this.

HTH, not sure that's what you mean though.
Ivan Markin

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