[Tor-BSD] Tor exit notice on Port 9030

Ivan Markin twim at riseup.net
Fri Jan 6 18:37:00 EST 2017

> Placing DirPort at 80 in FreeBSD gives the following warnings - I
> think because there is a binding issue on ports below 1024: Jan 06
> 23:15:40.000 [notice] Opening Directory listener on Jan 06
> 23:15:40.000 [warn] Could not bind to Permission denied

I guess this should not happen (it should be allowed to bind on lower
ports). How do you start your tor?

> So yes probably best to redirect all TCP traffic on Port 80 to Port
> 9030, otherwise no one browsing the relay address ever sees the exit
> notice like on most other relays.

Anyway, to avoid permission misconfigurations IMO it's better to use
local higher port, redirect egress 80 port to 9030 with your firewall
while advertising on 80.

A torrc excerpt:
DirPort 80 NoListen
DirPort 9030 NoAdvertise

For PF on FreeBSD:
rdr pass on $ext_if inet proto tcp to $ext_if port 80 -> port 9030

Ivan Markin

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