[Tor-BSD] OpenBSD tor -stable/-alpha split port

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sun Nov 12 14:19:00 EST 2017

Alexander Nasonov:
> George Rosamond wrote:
>> Greetings all.
>> FYI, this was just submitted to OpenBSD ports.
> I committed tor-dev to pkgsrc-wip. You should be able to install it
> without deinstalling your regular net/tor package because I install
> files to different directories or with a different suffix:
> $ pkg_info -L tordev                                                                                                    
> Information for tordev-
> Files:
> /usr/pkg/bin/tor-dev

It seems NetBSD didn't have tor-alpha/-dev in the pkgsrc before.  I
didn't realize that.

I'm wondering why someone would run both -stable and -alpha though. I
think the logic with having separate ports for them is that most people
would run one or the other, and not both.  No?


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